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There is No better way to experience Great White Sharks than within the shark diving cage, attached to the boat! You don’t need a scuba diving qualification to go shark cage diving as you don’t need air tanks.

The cage is of the floating-variety and is custom-made with 12mm galvanised steel mesh. The sharks cannot get inside and they don’t try. The cage allows you to enter the sharks environment safely and enjoy the exhilaration of being only centimeters away from these mighty beasts.


If you can’t bear the thought – surface viewing is almost as thrilling! Either way – check out our brilliant shark cage diving special for backpackers!

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You’ll be absorbing the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean while your crazy buddies put on their diving gear and you’ll suddenly catch a glimpse of a tail or fin, but more often than not you are surprised by the sudden appearance of this magnificent animal as it approaches the boat.


Surface viewing - shark cage diving


Often the shark will come right to the edge of the boat where it is close enough to touch. The Great White will swim gracefully around the boat absorbing all the smells, motion and light, providing surface viewers with many excellent photo opportunities. At the same time the divers in the cage can appreciate this beautiful animal face to face.


If you’ve got the guts, this is the point at which you’ll go shark cage diving to get an even closer view of the Great White Sharks…

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Hey There Backpacking Fraternity!

Penquins near Hermanus

Welcome to the new Hermanus Backpackers website!

Well, the website is nearing completion with just one or two new and interesting ‘bits’ to come…

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