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Motorcycling through Africa is an incredible way to journey through the worlds most wonderous country. Stop over in Hermanus is a must

Motorcycling through Africa?!

Dirts road in Africa!

This is a considered a good road.Nothing about motorcycling through Africa is easy...

At this point, I think the boys were wondering WHY they had taken on this mission!

Smile for the camera!

Taking your motorbike from Europe to South Africa?  How difficult could it be, what could possibly go wrong?! Well, when your mission is complete and you’ve finally made it through all the mud, water, non-existant bridges, dubious officials at boarder crossings, hideous bugs, tropical storms,

Tenere XT600 Yamaha, Cape Town to London 1994

Mud, lots and lots of mud!

endless wrong turns, short cuts that take days longer than the orginal route… make your way to Hermanus Backpackers.  We will welcome you with open arms, because the Boss did it the other way around, Cape Town to London!

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