Sea Sickness fears? Fear No More!!

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Cure for Sea-sickness while Shark Diving or whale watching

We have the cure for motion sickness or sea sickness (sea sickness cure) Hayley Van Der Walt shares her secrets…. well, NOT ALL of Them!! That’s just a scary thought! This article – as posted on gives away a secret many aren’t aware of!! Are you sick of getting sick?  Is sea sickness holding… Read more »

Surfing in Hermanus?

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Great surfing places in Hermanus

      There are some great places to surf in Hermanus. The water might be chilly, but there’s surf spots all around Hermanus.  Onrus is a popular spot, lovely beach and cafe too.  or Kammabaai on the other side of town, great waves for the beginners.  So bring your wetsuit, you’ll need it here… Read more »

A typical Day in the life…

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The meeting, drinking, chilling space

A typical day at Hermanus Backpackers Sooooo…. you’ll be rising rather briskly at 6 am at the sound of the rather intrusive alarm, to be frogmarched down for breakfast by 6.15! YEAH! RIGHT! You’ll more likely sneak your head out of your covers somewhere after 9am (the night before was a magical meander down the… Read more »


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In the Cage for exceptional view

There is No better way to experience Great White Sharks than within the shark diving cage, attached to the boat! You don’t need a scuba diving qualification to go shark cage diving as you don’t need air tanks. The cage is of the floating-variety and is custom-made with 12mm galvanised steel mesh. The sharks cannot… Read more »

Hey There Backpacking Fraternity!

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Penquins near Hermanus

Welcome to the new Hermanus Backpackers website! Well, the website is nearing completion with just one or two new and interesting ‘bits’ to come… Should you have ANY suggestions on improvements or exciting widgets… Please DROP US A LINE! Related Images: