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Hermanus in the Western Cape of South Africa - action packed holiday adventure town with affordable accommodation and great restaurants

Sea Sickness fears? Fear No More!!

Cure for Sea-sickness while Shark Diving or whale watchingWe have the cure for motion sickness or sea sickness (sea sickness cure)

Hayley Van Der Walt shares her secrets…. well, NOT ALL of Them!! That’s just a scary thought!

This article – as posted on ezinearticles.com gives away a secret many aren’t aware of!!

Are you sick of getting sick?  Is sea sickness holding you back from adventures on the high seas?  You want to sail, go shark cage diving, kayaking with whales and scenic boat trips, but just know that your day will be ruined and unpleasant because of rampant vomiting?


Well, I’m going to share a secret with you.


I’ve worked for 15 years in the tourist industry and our main area of expertise is organising Great White Shark cage diving trips, whale watching boat tours and kayaking trips with Southern Rights whales.  All these amazing, exciting and thrilling adventures are on the infamously chilly and often lumpy, Southern Atlantic Ocean, so we know a few things about vomiting over the side of a boat!


Having booked months in advance, waited and willed the months away, at home, cold and miserable, counting the days until you finally arrive at your destination; that Great White Shark cage diving trip just hours away from departure.  A 3m swell and the smell of chummy fish guts will not deter you initially, the thrill of actually being on board, adrenalin rushing, heart beating wilding with the adventure of it all, you are finally going to see these amazing creatures up close and personal for the first time…


Then your stomach does that sideways lurch, telling you it’s not feeling at all happy, at first you try to ignore it, this is far too important an experience to start feeling unwell.  This is on your bucket list for crying out loud, you will not allow sea sickness to spoil your day… Oh but spoil it will and horribly so, you might well spend the next fours hours hurling yesterdays lunch, last nights dinner and all of your breakfast into shark infested waters.  And will you care about seeing these amazing creatures then? No you will not, you will by now happily pay double the price to be taken off the boat and back onto dry land where you can die peacefully.


All those people who just said, ‘keep your eyes on the horizon’ or ‘apply pressure to your chakras’ they obviously don’t get motion sick, because let me tell you, once you start feeling like crap, none of that helps!


How different it could have been if you’d met me before your departure, because I’ve been told a secret about how to avoid getting sea-sick and I’m going to share it with you now.


Most people assume that an anti-nausea pill will do the trick and many people have heard the advice that for those who really suffer with sea sickness, take one at bedtime the night before your trip and another in the morning before the boat launches.  It does help, but can also make you very sleepy.  What you need is a special combination.


You need to take one anti-nausea pill (preferably one that doesn’t make you drowsy) and one anti-spasmodic (the little pills you’d take for tummy cramps).  Take these two pills 1hr before the boat leaves the harbour.  The two together are an amazing cure for sea sickness.  The product name in South Africa for the anti-spasmodic is Buscopan and most people suggest Sturgeon as the anti-nausea.


I’m no medical professional, so if you think you might be allergic or have some aversion to taking over the counter meds, just don’t take them.

Hayley Van Der Walt, Hermanus Backpackers & Great White Shark Diving, South Africa




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Humpback Whales in our Bay!

Humpback Whales sighted in Walker Bay

What a weekend for whale sightings, the usual Southern Right Whales were joined by a few Humpback Whales too – always a pleasure to see them here in Walker Bay!

Humpback Whales in Walker Bay

Sightings of Humpback Whales in Walker Bay October 2012

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Surfing in Hermanus?


You don't have to be an experienced surfer for Hermanus waves

Even the small waves are exhilarating!


You can find all types of great surf spots in Hermanus.

Barrel dude!


Great surfing places in Hermanus

Sick waves bru...

There are some great places to surf in Hermanus.

The water might be chilly, but there’s surf spots all around Hermanus. 

Onrus is a popular spot, lovely beach and cafe too.  or Kammabaai on the other side of town, great waves for the beginners.  So bring your wetsuit, you’ll need it here all year round, otherwise you shall be blue in about 20 minutes – but hey, surfers are tough, it you can’t stand a little chilly water, take up bowls!  Come chat to the staff at Hermanus Backpackers, they’ll know where the waves are and have a storage area for your board. 

At the end of the day, exhausted and refreshed, come back to the backpackers and chill with us around the fire pit or in the bar – cool vibes and plan your next days adventure.  It’s not uncommon to share your waves with the occasional dolphin, seal or whale…. and we hardly ever see any sharks, which is a bonus!





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Great White Shark Found Dead!

Great White Shark found washed up on the shore of Dyer Island.

A male White Shark, approx 4m in length, was found washed up on the shore of Dyer Island this weekend.  At this stage no-one is sure why or how he died, there was nothing to indicate any foul play.  The carcass has been taken to Cape Town for a full autopsy.  The scatches and scapes noted during the recovery process were almost certainly from the rugged rocks of the shoreline.

Great photos of the Great White shark – may be too graphic for some viewers.










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A typical Day in the life…

The meeting, drinking, chilling space

The meeting, drinking, chilling space

A typical day at Hermanus Backpackers

Sooooo…. you’ll be rising rather briskly at 6 am at the sound of the rather intrusive alarm, to be frogmarched down for breakfast by 6.15!


You’ll more likely sneak your head out of your covers somewhere after 9am (the night before was a magical meander down the memory lanes of a bunch of other travelers filled with interesting experiences and adventures)

Making your way down to the kitchen you’ll enjoy a FREE self service breakfast with as much caffeine as you can muster!!

Whilst forcing your eyes to remain open, you’ll be enjoying a little quiet contemplation in the garden (all the while considering the prospect of diving into the exquisite, sparkling pool – the reflections of which remind you that you forgot your sunglasses back in the room! :-( – to kick start your blood flow)

Cool, crisp, refreshing...

The Best Way to Wake UP!

After a quick dip and feeling remarkably refreshed and ready for almost anything, you jump onto the FREE WI-FI to remind your parents/family/friends of your existence and to brag about the AMAZING evening you enjoyed and blurb on about how incredible the Hermanus Backpackers is!!

A few more cuppa’s and you’re ready for your first Hermanus adventure….

What will it be?

  • Quad biking?
  • Shark Cage Diving?
  • Whale Watching?
  • Horse Riding?
  • Wine Tasting?

Not certain of what to do you meander through the spacious, comfy and clean lounges to find a few of your new found friends to discuss their actions for the day…

You head off, enjoy the thrills and spills of a day out in the exquisite town of Hermanus to return to a BAR!! Drink! That’s precisely what you need now… a cold, crisp Lager!

The aroma’s of the braai (bbq) gently remind you that you do require replenishment after your very exciting day out! (and you’re most impressed with yourself for remembering to book your meal in the morning)

Another refreshing swim, a couple of ‘not-too-competitive’ games of Pool, loads of laughter with those you met the evening prior and a couple of newbies, an Out-Of-This-World amazingly delicious braai and a couple more ‘bevvy’s’ ends a typical day in the life….


THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE!Backpacking is all about Adventure

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There is No better way to experience Great White Sharks than within the shark diving cage, attached to the boat! You don’t need a scuba diving qualification to go shark cage diving as you don’t need air tanks.

The cage is of the floating-variety and is custom-made with 12mm galvanised steel mesh. The sharks cannot get inside and they don’t try. The cage allows you to enter the sharks environment safely and enjoy the exhilaration of being only centimeters away from these mighty beasts.


If you can’t bear the thought – surface viewing is almost as thrilling! Either way – check out our brilliant shark cage diving special for backpackers!

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Hey There Backpacking Fraternity!

Penquins near Hermanus

Welcome to the new Hermanus Backpackers website!

Well, the website is nearing completion with just one or two new and interesting ‘bits’ to come…

Should you have ANY suggestions on improvements or exciting widgets… Please DROP US A LINE!

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