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Adventure activities in Hermanus booked for you by Hermanus Backpackers in Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa

Sea Sickness fears? Fear No More!!

Cure for Sea-sickness while Shark Diving or whale watchingWe have the cure for motion sickness or sea sickness (sea sickness cure)

Hayley Van Der Walt shares her secrets…. well, NOT ALL of Them!! That’s just a scary thought!

This article – as posted on gives away a secret many aren’t aware of!!

Are you sick of getting sick?  Is sea sickness holding you back from adventures on the high seas?  You want to sail, go shark cage diving, kayaking with whales and scenic boat trips, but just know that your day will be ruined and unpleasant because of rampant vomiting?


Well, I’m going to share a secret with you.


I’ve worked for 15 years in the tourist industry and our main area of expertise is organising Great White Shark cage diving trips, whale watching boat tours and kayaking trips with Southern Rights whales.  All these amazing, exciting and thrilling adventures are on the infamously chilly and often lumpy, Southern Atlantic Ocean, so we know a few things about vomiting over the side of a boat!


Having booked months in advance, waited and willed the months away, at home, cold and miserable, counting the days until you finally arrive at your destination; that Great White Shark cage diving trip just hours away from departure.  A 3m swell and the smell of chummy fish guts will not deter you initially, the thrill of actually being on board, adrenalin rushing, heart beating wilding with the adventure of it all, you are finally going to see these amazing creatures up close and personal for the first time…


Then your stomach does that sideways lurch, telling you it’s not feeling at all happy, at first you try to ignore it, this is far too important an experience to start feeling unwell.  This is on your bucket list for crying out loud, you will not allow sea sickness to spoil your day… Oh but spoil it will and horribly so, you might well spend the next fours hours hurling yesterdays lunch, last nights dinner and all of your breakfast into shark infested waters.  And will you care about seeing these amazing creatures then? No you will not, you will by now happily pay double the price to be taken off the boat and back onto dry land where you can die peacefully.


All those people who just said, ‘keep your eyes on the horizon’ or ‘apply pressure to your chakras’ they obviously don’t get motion sick, because let me tell you, once you start feeling like crap, none of that helps!


How different it could have been if you’d met me before your departure, because I’ve been told a secret about how to avoid getting sea-sick and I’m going to share it with you now.


Most people assume that an anti-nausea pill will do the trick and many people have heard the advice that for those who really suffer with sea sickness, take one at bedtime the night before your trip and another in the morning before the boat launches.  It does help, but can also make you very sleepy.  What you need is a special combination.


You need to take one anti-nausea pill (preferably one that doesn’t make you drowsy) and one anti-spasmodic (the little pills you’d take for tummy cramps).  Take these two pills 1hr before the boat leaves the harbour.  The two together are an amazing cure for sea sickness.  The product name in South Africa for the anti-spasmodic is Buscopan and most people suggest Sturgeon as the anti-nausea.


I’m no medical professional, so if you think you might be allergic or have some aversion to taking over the counter meds, just don’t take them.

Hayley Van Der Walt, Hermanus Backpackers & Great White Shark Diving, South Africa




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Shark Diving South Africa: Shame, poor humans… by The Shark

Shark Diving South Africa: Shame, poor humans… by The Sharkshame, poor humans trapped in cage



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Humpback Whales in our Bay!

Humpback Whales sighted in Walker Bay

What a weekend for whale sightings, the usual Southern Right Whales were joined by a few Humpback Whales too – always a pleasure to see them here in Walker Bay!

Humpback Whales in Walker Bay

Sightings of Humpback Whales in Walker Bay October 2012

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Whale Festival in Hermanus

Hermanus Whale Festival

Celebrating the arrival of Spring and the Southern Right Whales to Walker Bay, Hermanus – running from 28th Sept to 1st Oct.   ECO exhibitions, live music, markets, food, entertainment and various activities – Hermanus is known

Whale Tail, Southern Right - Hermanus

Southern Right Whales - Hermanus Whale Festival 2012

as The Best Land Based Whale Watching in the World – so it won’t cost you an arm & a leg… if you’re travelling on a tight budget, stay at Hermanus Backpackers and view whales for free from the shore!

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Kayaking in Hermanus Whale Reserve…

Dolphins in the Whale Reserve

Going sea kayaking in Walker Bay Whale Sanctuary (Hermanus) might mean seeing more than just whales!  These dolphins stayed and played with Herman and Riaan for 30 minutes.   Hermanus has the best land based whale watching in the world, but the view of sea level can sometimes be more than expected!  These kayaking trips depart 3 times daily from Hermanus Old Harbour – you can book the tours at reception at Hermanus Backpackers.

Dolphins in Hermanus

Kayaking in Whale Sanctuary

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4×4 Off-Roading Driving in South Africa

Off-Road driving, day trip from Hermanus Backpackers

Driving on the beach at De Plaat, near Hermanus

Driving on the beach, near Hermanus, South Africa
Check the tides for beach driving if you don’t want to get wet feet!

Off-Road Driving Near Hermanus

If you’ve hired or purchased a 4×4 vehicle for your travels in South Africa, there are some amazing places to explore.  Just 45 minutes from Hermanus Backpackers is De Plaat nature reserve near Gansbaai – The Great White Shark cage diving capital of the world.  The driving is easy enough for complete beginners and those with more experience can alter their course to suit themselves.  It’s an amazing day trip from Hermanus, pack a picnic and for only R40 per person you can drive through some of the most stunning scenery the Western Cape has to offer.  During the whale season, July to Dec, you’ll most likely see Southern Right Whales easily from the shore.

Off-Road Driving near Hermanus

Land Rover, Land Cruiser & Jeep Wrangler, we can go ANYWHERE!


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Albino Southern Right Whale Calf & Mummy in Walker Bay

Whale Watching in Hermanus – Albino Calf

Sighted in Hermanus all this week (Aug 2012), this cute Albino Southern Right Whale calf and his mummy!  Walker Bay is famous as a nursery for Southern Right Whales and albino calves are not as rare as you might think.  Hermanus, the town sitting on the cliffs in the middle of Walker Bay, is famous for being the best land based whale watching in the world.

Albino Calf, Southern Right Whales

Mother & Albino Southern Right Whale Calf, Walker Bay Aug 12

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Hermanus Old Harbour, Historic & Beautiful

Cliff path walks of Hermanus

Whale watching on the cliff pathes of Hermanus

Hermanus Old Harbour

Just 15 minutes stroll from Hermanus Backpackers is the historic Old Harbour of Hermanus.  Situated in the centre of town, it’s obviously an old whaling harbour, although there’ll be none of that these days!  The Southern Right Whales which frequent Walker Bay (Hermanus) are protected by law from any interference.  There was whaling here from the 1920′s to early 1950′s, I think they only stopped as they’d run out of whales, it took another 30 years before the whale population was back to where it’s supposed to be!  During peak whale season, around September/October, you might have as many as 180 Southern Right Whales in Walker Bay and surrounding area.  This is one of their most favoured breeding and nursery areas.  We often see new born calves swimming next to and breaching with their mums.

Whale Watching Points – Best Land Based Whale Watching in the World

Within a couple of minutes walk of Hermanus Backpackers you’ll be on the scenic cliff path, which runs the length of the town.  From anywhere along the path you can stroll, relax and whale watch from July right through until early December.  Although there are days when the whales won’t be sighted, more often than not you can see them clearly from the shore.  Most of the town of Hermanus is elevated, sitting on cliffs, so whale sightings from these scenic walks are common.  Don’t be surprised if you see dolphins, seals, penguins, sharks and sea birds too, this area has prolific sea and bird life.

Old Harbour, Hermanus

Views from Hermanus Old Harbour

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Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town, South Africa

Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town, South Africa

This is the BEST time of the year for Great White Shark cage diving, the water is warmer and the sharks more plentiful.  If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town, Hermanus or Gansbaai to participate in a shark cage diving trip, check out for more information about the trip and what you get for the amazing deal of only R995!

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town, South Africa


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Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town

More information on

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa, leaving from Cape Town daily.

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

This is peak shark sightings season, so if you’ve been thinking about ticking this one off your bucket list, now is a fantastic time for it.  The weather forecast for the coming week is excellent, calm oceans, no swell and clear skies (although that change pretty quickly in these parts!)  If you need more information, just contact us via email or the contact page and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.  More details about that trip on

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